Pole tent

Pole Tents

zhaoli Manufactured Pole Tents are a staple in the event rental industry due to their ease of transport,
set up, and take down. Our commercial pole tents are versatile enough to meet the demands of almost
any event and durable enough to hold up for years to come. If you are looking for a trusted pole tent supplier,
Our wide “Double Pole Engineered Tent” is an event tent that is beautiful both inside and out. The high peaks
and valleys create a stunning visual display, that makes this a perfect fit for your next large event.
Our double pole tent is manufactured from the highest quality materials, from the stainless steel plates,
to the 18 oz vinyl, to heavy-duty webbing; every detail is well designed and manufactured with pride.
The catenary design enables beautiful swooping lines, yet allows for a smooth finish to the fabric.
The location of the center poles allows for a more desirable layout for dance floors, staging and seating.
The white blockout tops are manufactured to be a sectional tent, allowing for expansion in 20’ and 30′ increments.
on wedding, party, or event is too large for this manufactured pole tent!
Pole Tents are the most cost-effective and popular of all the styles of tents. These structures are supported by pegs,
side poles and center poles that are hammered into a soft surface. This tent is simple to assemble and it is manufactured
from canvas or PVC material. Peg and Pole Tents is suitable for many different occasions including family celebrations,
corporate functions or storage tent. Peg and Pole Tents are available in a variety of styles and colours.
For Peg and Pole Tent standard Sizes starts from 30m x 50m, 30m x 50m, 10m x 10m, 9m x 18m, 12m x 30m, 15m x 24m,
15m x 30m, 15m x33m, 5m x 10m, 5m x 5m, 7m x 12m, 9m x 12m, 9m x 15m, 9m x 18m, 9m x 21m, 9m x 24m, 9m x 27m to
9m x 30m. We have seating capacity of banquet and cinema style accommodate starts from 50 seater, 70 seater, 80 seater,
100 seater, 150 seater, 200 seater, 260 Seater, 300 seater, 180 seater, 400 Seater, 495 seater, 500 seater, 700 Seater,
800 Seater, 1180 Seater, 1200 Seater, 2000 Seater,1800 Seater, 3000 Seater to 6000 Seater.
Tent Guarantee: Frame 5years, fabric 3 years.
Tent Wind loading: 100km/h.
Tent Snow loading: 0.5kn/sqm

Tent Certificate: Wind loading test, Vinyl Flame retardant M2, lining flame retardant BS5867
Galvanized Salt spray 144hours test, UV aging certificate, Aluminum 6061 test
Fabric RoHS certificate. Transparency PVC -20º C to 70º C resistant

Tent  Detailed specification:
Guarantee: Frame 5years, fabric 3 years.
Wind loading: 100km/h.
Snow loading: 0.5kn/sqm
(1)Tent Size:clear span(width)18M, length:36m
SIZE for option: The size can be customized, width: 6m~ 60m, 
                                  Maximum length: no limited

WidthLengthSide heightRidge height

(2)Tent Frame: Dia 76x2mm galvanized  steel center pole.Dia 60x2mm galvanized  steel side leg

(3)Tent Cover material: 850G/M2 vinyl blockout, white with blue stripe for top cover, 650G/M2 for sidewalls vinyl blockout, waterproof, UV protection, rotproof Flame retardant M2.

(4)Tent Options: Transparency PVC windows, grass anchors, wood floor, lining and so on.

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