10x20m Clear Span White Roof Canopy Aluminum Wedding Party Events Tent For Sale

>>>>>Product descrption<<<<< The span width of our Outdoor Event Tents are no pole inside the tent, which enables you to make maximum use of the space inside. This kind of Outdoor Event Tent is widely used as a wedding tent, event tent, warehouse tent, exhibits tent, party tent, and so on. The span width of our Outdoor Event Tents are from 3m to 60m( 5M, 10M, 15M , 20M ,25M 30M, 35M, 40M, 45M, 50M, 60M) and the length has no limitation. Length can be any times of 3m, 5m modular. >>>>>Material<<<<< Frame material: Hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy, anodized surface handling, silver color, sturdy and never rust; over 15~20years life span. Our aluminum alloy code 6061/T6, hardness achieved 15HW. The wind load capability is based on the aluminum hardness Fabric cover: High quality double PVC-coated polyester textile, 100% waterproof, flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, CFM, UV resistant, tear resistant, self-cleaning ability, etc. Our PVC fabric flame retardant according to German standard DIN4102 B1, M2 and USA standard CFM/NFPA 701. Features: Most popular size are 6x12m, 9x15m, 10x20m, 12x30m, 15x40m, 20x30m, 20x50m, 25x60m, 30x60m, 30x100m, 40x100m, 50x100m etc. Tent Specifications
Aluminum profile
1. high pressed extruded aluminum alloy 6061-T6, stainless, lightweight, durable, 48X84X3mm for 3-10m tent
2. 68x122x3mm, 88x166x3mm, 108x150x3mm,102x203x4mm for 10-20m tent
3. 113x259x4mm, 120x300x5mm for 20-40m tent
4. 120x350x6mm for 40-50m tent
Steel parts hot-dipped galvanized steel
Top roof fabric 950gsm/sqm complete transparent pvc
Side panels(optional) (1) 650g/sqm double coated pvc, translucent, waterproof, flame retardant meet M2, B1, DIN4102 standard, or;
(2) 950g/sqm transparent pvc fabric
(3) solid walls: glass panel, sandwich panels, ABS panels, color steel sheet
Allowed temperature -10° to 40° environment
Max wind loading capacity 120km/hour
Snow loading 10kg/sqm
  Tent Capacity & Advantages   Aluminium frame transparent wedding tents are the perfect option for holding an outdoor wedding in an area that supplies you with no shelter and can be used for all functions; from wedding tent to big corporate events and everything in between. Our clear span tents can accommodate 10 – 10 000 guests depending on the size. Our Aluminium Tents make use of ballasting systems which ensures our marquees are easily and conveniently erected on any space or surface you may require.   Once you have decided on the external options, the internal options on decor are endless. Perfecting the look and feel of your event will be effortless. The process of buying a clear span tent from us is convenient; simply tell us which tent you would like and let us know where you would like it erected, we will handle the rest to make sure that you enjoy your celebrations.   We considers all safety regulations whilst constructing and hosting tents for our clients. Our professional service and friendly staff ensure that your guests are well-protected from all elements throughout the seasons. Aluminum frames are ideal for carnivals, outdoor weddings, wine tasting and any general event which is to be hosted outdoors.   Tent Measurement Chart   Tent Width:3m-50m   Tent Length no limited. Extended length of tent by 5m a bay, such as 15m,20m,25m,30m,35m,40m……   Customized size is available  
Product Code Tent Span Tent partition width Eave height Roof height Angle of Roof Aluminium profile size(mm)
SHB-6 6 3 2.6 3.7 20° 84X48X3
SHB-8 8 3 2.6 4 20° 84X48X3
SHB-9 9 3 2.6 4.3 20° 84X48X3
SHB-10 10 5 2.6 4.8 20° 122X68X3
SHB-12 12 5 3 5.2 20° 122X68X3
SHB-15 15 5 4 6.4 18° 166X88X3
SHB-18 18 5 4 6.9 18° 203X112X4
SHB-20 20 5 4 7.2 18° 203X112X4
SHB-25 25 5 4 8 18° 203X112X4
SHB-30 30 5 4 8.9 18° 250X120X5
SHB-35 35 5 4 9.8 18° 300X120X5
SHB-40 40 5 4 10.6 18° 300X120X5
SHB-45 45 5 4 11.4 18° 300X120X5
SHB-50 50 5 4 12.3 18° 350X120X5
SHB-55 55 5 4 13.2 18° 400X120X5
SHB-60 60 5 4 14.4 18° 400X120X5
SHB-60 60 5 6 16.4 18° 400X120X5