ZhaoLi tent production customized various tent houses, 15 years of focus on large-scale tent production, with a professional team and rich experience, dedicated to serving you. ZhaoLi  usually has many kind of the tents. It is composed of unit combination. The length of the tent can be adjusted freely. It is convenient, flexible, safe and stable, beautiful and generous in appearance, and its assembly time is shorter than that of traditional buildings. It can be used as outdoor temporary buildings. Tent features: 1. The frame structure is a special hollow aluminium alloy structure, and the connecting parts are high-quality steel connections. 2. The tarpaulin is a synthetic fiber tarpaulin coated with imported double-sided PVC Advantages of PVC-coated fabrics: durable bonding property, excellent surface property, durable service life, good color fastness, strong weldability, the welded fabrics can withstand great tension, even in harsh conditions such as hurricanes and frequent operation, without affecting the sealing degree of the welded joints. The products have anti-corrosion, anti-mildew, anti-wind, anti-rain, anti-violet. External and B1 class flame retardant properties. 3. The assembly and disassembly are flexible, simple and convenient. They are special products for outdoor activities and exhibitions. 4. The canvas can be folded and the frame is small after disassembly, which is convenient for transportation and storage. 5. Unit combination structure can be built freely and separately according to the size of the site. 6. There are no pillars inside the tent, and the site can be used 100%. 7. There is no special requirement for the construction site, such as grassland, asphalt, cement, marble and so on. We sale many kind of tents parts and fabric. Tent Accessories

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