Steel Structure Tent

Why Tents?

» Much lower initial investment in comparison to conventional buildings.

» Short production time, easy and rapid deployment.

» Easy adaptation to any size of choice.

» Less risky in terms of occupational accidents, little or no environmental noise during installation.

» Easy and rapid relocation with minimal cost.

» Almost no need for any footings or foundation in most cases. For short time temporary

arrangements like events, the structure could easily be installed on any type of soil.

» Steel construction and PVC membrane are environment friendly materials as they are 100% recyclable.

» Unlike in conventional buildings, the PVC membrane doesn’t require any painting, plastering or maintenance during the use of the product. Self cleaning property of the membrane makes it last for a long time with no or minimal maintenance.

» No need for building permits for temporary deployments.

» Provides an uninterrupted spacious interior space as the structure doesn’t contain any internal columns or supports.

» Translucent membrane lets a great deal of daylight in during the day time and reduces the need for artificial lighting.

» Once the structure has served its purpose and is no longer needed, it could be easily rented or sold.

» Under normal circumstances, PVC membrane can be used 10 to 15 years hassle free. Steel profiles, once treated with some anti-corrosion process, can be used for more then 25 years.

» They are designed and manufactured to withstand seismic activities and other loads exerted by wind and snow just as in conventional buildings. These structures can be used many years in Northern Europe where extreme weather conditions are present.

» They provide maximum safety due to fireproof and UV-resistant features of the PVC membrane.

» All structures are designed and manufactured in accordance with the International Building Code.

» With proper thermal insulation applied on the structure, substantial cost savings on energy bills are realized.

» The sound absorbing characteristics of the fabric provides a tranquil and quiet environment within the structure.

» Easy and fast digital print which is applied on the outer surface of the fabric could be used as a tag making the structure easy to identify. These digital prints can also be used for advertising and branding purposes.

Do you manufacture custom-designed structures?

Yes. Depending on the requirements of the project and upon customer request, we design and manufacture products that meet your special criteria. Our expert and friendly staff help you come up with the most affordable and efficient solution for your business needs.

What kind of material is used for the membrane?

The raw fabric is composed of 100% polyester high-strength lines coated by PVC to make the product resistant to water, fire, UV light and other harmful effects of environmental conditions.

What are the advantages of a fabric structure compared to conventional wood or concrete construction?

PVC membrane is a waterproof and fireproof material. In case of damage, the fabric could be easily repaired by use of some matching fabric, heat welds and a roller. With proper insulation applied, you can get good sound absorption and temperature control which helps you lower your energy bills.

The main advantages of the fabric structures can be summarized as follows:

» Affordable, low cost

» Fast-track production

» Easy installation and transportability

» Installation on almost any type of ground

» No need for reconstruction permit

» Could be built practically in any size of choice

» No need for footings, foundation or anchoring in most cases

» Resistant to seismic activities and extreme weather conditions

» No debris once the construction is brought down (as in concrete buildings)

» Steel frame and the fabric used are made of 100% recyclable, environment friendly materials

» Maximum reliability and safety during use

» A spacious inner space due to absence of any internal supports

» Easily expandable and extendible

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